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Supplementary school for acting - according to paragraph 102 of the Education Act of the State of Berlin

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The Michael Chekhov Studio Berlin (MTSB) was founded in 1984. Since then, the school has gone from strength to strength and in 1990 it became what it is today: namely a drama school which offers a complete three year degree in the Chekhov method, culminating in the German stage exam for professional actors.

The training was offered from 1984 to 1990 for the formation of professionnal actors (German stage exam)

1984 First course for professional actors
1987 Second course for professional actors
Since 1989 the one year formation of the Chekhov training course
Since 1993 the part-time vocational acting seminar
Since 1995 International Michael Chekhov Studios (Workshops for professional actors)

The theaterforum kreuzberg organised under the direction of Jörg Andrees and Jobst Langhans
the first international Michael Chekhov Conference (1992) and the fourth international Michael Chekhov Conference (1995)



The present training possibilities of the MTSB

  Three year acting degree
  Chekhov Foundation Year>
  Vocational Acting Seminar
  International Michael Chekhov Studios
(workshops for professional actors with internationaly acknowled- ged trainers)



Training courses in preparation

  • Coaching of professional actors
  • Qualifying of training assistants for social development processes



International contacts

  • MICHA (Michael Chekhov Association - USA)
  • Michael Chekhov Acting Studio ( New York)
  • Michael Chekhov Studio USA West (Los Angeles)
  • Michael Chekhov Brasil
  • Michael Chekhov Europe
  • Michael Chekhov Centre UK
  • Tiny heroes (Amsterdam)
  • Teatro de la Abadia ( Madrid)
  • Palast (Moskau)



Legal Body

The MTSB belongs to the non-profit organisation Forum Kreuzberg e.V.




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